Sunday Service

10 am

IMG_20131109_124938_191Every Sunday morning, Glen Arbor gathers for worship, teaching, and fellowship.

Coffee is provided right away for those still waking up!

The service starts at 10 am with our music team leading us in worship with contemporary Christian worship styles. Our aim is to turn our hearts towards God.

After this there is a Bible teaching either going through the Bible verse by verse or looking at pertinent topics for helping our lives. The aim here is not just acquiring knowledge, but applying the Bible in an understandable way to our lives.

The children and Jr High youth begin the morning in the service, and then are dismissed during the offertory to their Sunday School classrooms.

The last part of Sunday Morning is the fellowship time after the service. This is where we interact around refreshments and coffee. For some this time goes on as long as the service!

We are known as a friendly church family, so please stop by to visit us this weekend!