What if?

What if there was someone who was willing to die so that you might live?  Don’t miss this inspirational video. Watch it!

What if there was someone who loved you that much?

And what if experiencing that much love would lead to healing and peace and joy in your life?

Well it as it turns out, God loves you that much. So much in fact, that he came down as a man named Jesus. A man who brought love and healing and the key to real life. A man who thought that you were someone worth loving and dying for.

And He did. He was crucified on a cross – a brutal death. But three days later, he did the unthinkable and rose from the grave! He brought new life through his death and resurrection.. and proved he had the power to make all things new again.

It says in the Bible that God loved the world so much, that he willingly gave up his Son [Jesus]. Whoever believes in Jesus will not perish, but will have full, eternal life! When Jesus died on that cross, He died to set you completely free, free from lies, free from hurt, shame, and condemnation. He died so that you might live a NEW life – that’s true love.

We encourage you to do a couple things:

1) No doubt you have questions about how to gain this new life or even what exactly Jesus’ words were! Well these things can be found in the Bible, in a book called John (It’s in a section called the New Testament, about 4 books in). Pick up a copy and start reading! You can see God’s plan for you and read the things Jesus said about new life through Him.

2) We’d love to walk through this journey with you! If you live in the DuPage County area of Illinois, stop by Glen Arbor Community Church @ 204 Church Street in West Chicago this Sunday at 10am, or email us at: info@glenarobor.org or call us at 630-293-5989. Let us help you take the next steps and learn how to follow Jesus!